Presidential Election of 1920

In the Presidential election of 1920, Republican presidential candidate Harding swept the election results with a victory margin of over 26%.
Harding capitalised on the bad sentiment against the ruling democrats over the social upheaval during progressive era and the US role in the first world war and versailles treaty.

1920 Presidential Election Results

Winning candidate mark, 1920 Election Warren G HardingRepublican Party
James M CoxDemocratic Party

1920 presidential election results

Political Situation:

1. First Election after the end of disastrous World War I.
2. Most Americans against the US meddling of affairs in Europe.
3. Weariness of Americans about the Social Upheaval of Progressive Era.
4. Large scale resentment against the President Woodrow Wilson.policies.

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Biography of Warren G Harding

Warren G Harding , United States Senator from Ohio, was born on November 2, 1865. He resided in his grandfather's farm just outside the village of Blooming Grove, Morrow County, Ohio. His father was a village doctor.
He attended the village school until fourteen years of age, when he entered the Ohio Central College of Iberia, from which he was graduated,standing high in scholarship; and it was there, as editor of the college paper, that he first displayed a talent for journalism. Harding later bought a press and his paper "The Star" was the most widely circulated paper in a city of 30,000 in Middle West. Mr. Harding also represented the Thirteenth Senatorial District of Ohio in the State Legislature, as LieutenantGovernor.

Biography of James M Cox

Born on a farm of poor parents, Governor Cox spent at work most of the hours that other boys devoted to play. He received instruction in a country school and entered high school at Middletown, a small Ohio town. As janitor of a church and by other employment he earned the money to pay his way until he finished high school. He was in turn a printer's devil, newspaper reporter, secretary to a congressman and then, on borrowed money, bought a run down newspaper. Governor Cox rapidly converted it, into a paying property. Later he bought a second bankrupt newspaper and made of it a highly successful institution. As a result of his success in these enterprises he is accounted one of the ablest business men of his state.
At 38, he was elected to Congress and was re-elected two years later by the largest plurality ever cast for a democrat in that republican district. Because of his record in Congress he was nominated for gov- ernor, was elected, and re-elected to a second and'a third term. Governor Cox is one of two men thrice elected to the governorship of Ohio.