Presidential Election of 1964

In the United States of America presidential election of 1964, Democratic presidential candidate Lyndon B. Johnson swept the election results with a victory margin of over 22%.
Lyndon B Johnson was successful in associating himself with John F Kennedy. The sympathy wave generated due to the assassination of John F Kennedy proved decisive in the victory of Lyndon B. Johnson in the election of 1964.

1964 Presidential Election Results

Barry GoldwaterRepublican Party
Lyndon B. JohnsonDemocratic Party

1964 presidential election results

Political Situation during election of 1964:

1. John F Kennedy (JFK) assassinated.
2. Cold war continues.

Close States (margin<6%):

Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Nebraska

Population by Race for the United States : Year 1960

1964 presidential election results

Biography of Barry Goldwater (Republican presidential candidate):

Senator Barry M. Goldwater of Arizona, a businessman, jet pilot, athlete, photographer, "ham radio" operator, explorer and author, has served 11 years in the U. S. Senate and as a Major General in the U. S. Air Force Reserve. He was the ranking Republican member of the Senate Labor and Public Welfare Committee, serving on the following subcommittees: Labor, Veterans' Affairs, Aging, Education, Migratory Labor and Railroad Retirement.

Biography of Lyndon B. Johnson (Democratic presidential candidate):

1. Lyndon B. Johnson took over as the President of the United States for about an year after the assassination of JFK.
2. Lyndon B. Johnson served as the Vice President of United States during the JFK presidency.
3. Served as United States Representative and United States Senator from the state of Texas.
4. LBJ was borne on Aug 27 1908 in Stonewall, Texas. He graduated from Southwest Texas State Teachers College in 1930.