United States Presidential Election 1928

In the US presidential elections of 1928, Republican presidential candidate Herbert Hoover defeated Democratic presidential candidate Alfred E Smith with a victory margin of over 17%.
Booming US economy of the 1920's, post World War I helped Hoover to win over his Democratic rival Al Smith.

1928 Presidential Election Results

Herbert HooverRepublican Party
Alfred E SmithDemocratic Party

1928 presidential election results

Political Situation:

1. Third Election after the end of disastrous World War I.
2. Booming US economy of the 1920's.
3. Prohibition in place.

Close States:

Alabama, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Texas

Population by Race for the United States : Year 1920

United States race diversity 1920

Biography of Herbert Hoover ( Republican party candidate )

Mr. Hoover was born in West Branch, Iowa, August 10, 1874. His father, a blacksmith, died when he was 4 years old and, his mother, a Quaker preacher, died three years later. Shortly he was taken by relatives and moved to Newberg, Oregon, where he lived for a number of yeal'S. Later he went to Salem where he worked as an office boy and did odd jobs. In 1891 he entered Stanford University and graduated four years later after working his way through college.
In the years that separated his graduation from the eventful 1914 he Was first a mine laborer and then an engineer of world-wide fame. He was in Australia, China, Alaska, Russia and other far off lands, taking over nonpaying mining concerns, putting into them the knowledge that experience had given him and placing them on an efficient operative and paying basis. With the opening of the world war Mr. Hoover was found in London, whence he had gone to interest Europe in the San Francisco fair. Thousands of American tourists and business men were in England. Banks closed and they were left stranded. Mr. Hoover was prevailed upon to take charge of the situation. Through funds from his own pocket, and those of his friends, 10,000 Americans were provided for and sent back to their own country. With Mr. Hoover's organization of the American Commission for the Relief of Belgium the public is well acquainted. Suffice it to say that through his efforts a fleet of 200 ships was organized and food was distributed to 10,000,000 people of Belgium. While directing the commission Mr. Hoover administered funds totalling almost a billion dollars.
Hoover was involved in more humanitarian deeds, including negotiating the execution of contracts of the European powers with the American farmers at the war time prices, helping the homeless in Mississippi valley flood area.

Biography of Alfred E Smith ( Democratic party candidate )

Governor Smith was born December 30, 1873, of humble American parents, almost in the shadow of Brooklyn bridge in New York City. He was a newsboy, He worked in a fish market, His father died when he was only 13 years of age, leaving his mother and younger sister in his care. He undertook the responsibilities of the family with the earnestness and seriousness, and the faith in God that have since characterized everything he has done, In 1900, after an ardent courtship, he married Catherine Dunn. They have five children. Growing up in the neighborhood where he was born, with a lively interest in all that was going on around him, he turned naturally to politics.
In 1903 Governor Smith was first elected to the New York State assembly and until 1915 served in the legislature for 12 successive terms. In 1911 he became majority leader and in 1912 floor leader for his party, In 1913 his party chose him unanimously for speaker, In 1915, while still in the legisla ture, he was elected delegate to the constitutional convention of his state
In November, 1918, he was elected governor. His first term as governor began immediately after the close of the war when readjustment and reconstruction problems were pressing heavily.Since then Governor Smith has served three successive terms as governor, resulting in much liberal and constructive legislation.