United States Presidential Election 1936

In the US presidential elections of 1936, Democratic presidential candidate Franklin D Roosevelt defeated Republican presidential candidate Alf Landon with a huge margin of over 24%.
Franklin rode on the positive wave of his policies including repealing prohibition, introducing social security and unemployment benefits.

1936 Presidential Election Results

Alfred M. LandonRepublican Party
Franklin D RooseveltDemocratic Party

1936 presidential election results

Political Situation:

1. Fifth Election after the end of disastrous World War I.
2. US economy still facing great depression.
3. Positive sentiment on repealing prohibition.
4. Positive sentiment on introducing social security, unemployment benefits.

Close States:

New Hampshire

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Biography of Alf Landon ( Republican party presidential candidate )

Alfred M. Landon was a poor boy, born in a Methodist parsonage in West Middlesex, Pa., on September 9, 1887, of Colonial English, Irish, Scotch and Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors. His people were pioneers. His father pioneered in the independent oil producer game which young Landon chose also to follow. He was no prodigy at school, but his schoolmates still swear by him. He didn't make millions in oil, but he was successful at a hard game, bucking the big oil companies with fair success.
Attracted to politics chiefly by the trust his associates developed in him, he ran for governor of Kansas in 1932, the year of the Roosevelt landslide. Though Roosevelt carried his state by an overwhelming majority, Landon defeated a strongly intrenched state Democratic Administration. In 1934, at the high water mark of Roosevelt and New Deal strength, before the clay feet of the idol were so clearly visible to the naked eye, and in the same year that the State of Maine reelected a Democratic governor by 23,000, Governor Landon was reelected. He had kept his campaign promises, and the people of Kansas approved him.

Biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt ( Democratic party presidential candidate )

Franklin D Roosevelt was born January 30, 1882, in a fine old home overlooking the Hudson river, surrounded by trees and looking across a field where they had been cut for over a hundred years. His godfather was Elliott Roosevelt, only brother of Theodore, who at that time was beginning his political career.In 1900 he entered Harvard, to study law. Soon after his graduation he married his distant cousin, Miss Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. President Theodore Roosevelt considered her his favorite niece and,indeed, gave the bride away. Franklin D. Roosevelt broke traditions even in his first campaign.
He talked to the voters from an automobile-then a detested "contraption" hated by the farmers-and yet he was elected over his complacent opponent by a strong rural vote. When Woodrow Wilson was elected President he offered the assistant secretaryship of the navy to young Roosevelt. Six weeks after his 31st birthday he took the oath of office, and from 1913 on he had under his immediate direction the civilian personnel, the navy yards and docks, and the purchasing of supplies. In 1920 Roosevelt was nominated as the running mate with James M Cox. Public attention was soon after this to be focused sharply upon him. During a brief holiday he was stricken with infantile paralysis. Specialists were hastily summoned in August, 1921, to a little island off the Maine coast. It was generally believed that Roosevelt was apparently removed while still a young man from the field of public endeavor.And yet we find him a year later back in his office, apparently "as good as new.

As Governor OF New York

The first election was in itself a triumph. He was the first Democrat to carry upstate rural counties, being elected by a 25,000 majority in a year when the Republican party swept the country. The re-election of Roosevelt in 1930 was most dramatic. He took the campaign straight to the people and into the Republican strongholds. The result was the now-famous "landslide" victory

As President of USA 1932-1936
During his presidency in his firs term between 1932 to 1936 Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR) repealed prohibition, introduced social security and unemployment benefits. USA economy continued to reel in great depression, but his policies as president eased suffering for a large number of Americans.