United States Presidential Election 1924

In the US presidential elections of 1924, Republican presidential candidate Calvin Coolidge swept the election results with a victory margin of over 25%.
Republican Presidential candidate Calvin Coolidge capitalised on the booming US economy post World War I.

1924 Presidential Election Results

Calvin CoolidgeRepublican Party
John W DavisDemocratic Party

1924 presidential election results

Political Situation:

1. Second Election after the end of disastrous World War I.
2. American economy in a post war boom.
3. Ku Klux Klan at its peak.

Close States:


Population by Race for the United States : Year 1920

1920 united states race diversity

Republican Party Agenda

1. Reduction of government taxes.
2. Sound foreign policy.
3. Maintain the increased credit available for farmers

Democratic Party Agenda

1. Introduce honesty in the working of government.
2. Raise national administration from insignificant mediocrity and from a notoriously low moral tone to dignity, distinction and honor.
3. Sound foreign policy.
4. Tax Reduction to a large class of people including women.
5. Benefits to all classes of society instead of benefits only to special classes.

Biography of John W Davis (Democratic party candidate)

John W. Davis was born April 13, 1873, of Scotch. Irish and English parentage. He attended school at Clarksburg, West Virginia, went to a preparatory school in Charlottesville, Virginia, and graduated from Washington and Lee University at the age of twenty. Two years later he graduated with honors from the law school of the same university and entered the legal ,profession as an associate with his father.
At 26 John W. Davis became a member of the state legislature of West Virginia. He later held various important positions including Solicitor General, Ambassador to Britain.